About Gig Islands

We talk to musicians about places.

Gig Islands is a music blog covering the most exciting music acts by talking to them about cities and places that matter. It was born in 2012 out of passion for visiting gigs, festivals and sites of music heritage in the UK. 

My name is Anna and I started Gig Islands with a like-minded friend of mine as a guide to British festivals and pop culture heritage for Russian-speaking music lovers. In 2014 we started an English version of the blog on Tumblr. Through the years we worked with writers and photographers based in London, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds covering releases and events we were truly passionate about. In 2015 we moved from posting to publishing and released 2 issues of Gig Islands Zine which were distributed digitally via issuu.com and social nets.

Since 2016 I’ve been running Gig Islands on my own with unfortunate long hiatuses and ended up with a new format involving mostly interviews about music and places with musicians both new and experienced, local and famous. Gig Islands 2021 is an English-language blog while its Russian version migrates to Telegram channel and a blog on Yandex Zen which is a huge Russian personal recommendations service.

If you make music or represent a music venue or heritage site related to pop culture and you are interested to be presented at Gig Islands, please, get in touch via email below.   

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