“Ireland is such a musical country, inspiration just in the blood.” Interview with Otherkin

Last time we talked to this hurricane-like Dublin four-piece back in 2015. Since then they have released a mind-blowing album “OK” and a beautiful live record “Deutschland KO” which perfectly represents all the best the band has to offer as a live act. Meet – Otherkin.


Hi guys! Thank you for speaking to Gig Islands! Recently you released a great video for ‘Tombstone’. What inspired the video and where was it shot? Is that place somehow remarkable?

Bull Island in Dublin city, it’s where we are from. The chimneys in the background are a symbol of the city.

The sound of your new single is quite different to what you did before. How would you describe the change which has happened to your sound? What inspired the change?

We wanted to do something different, heavier, darker, more industrial.

Last time you said that you did absolutely everything from “the one house in Dublin”. Has your hub changed since then?

It has changed to an empty warehouse down the road!

What is the best music venue in Dublin? What is your personally favourite?

Whelan’s is the best. You get the opportunity to see a lot of great up and coming bands.

What upcoming gigs are you the most excited about?

We play Electrowerkz, London on March 28th, it’s gonna be a big one.

Dublin keeps on giving in terms of amazing new music. What do you think inspires this wave of fresh acts and sounds?

I’m not sure, Ireland is such a musical country so I don’t think we necessarily draw inspiration from anywhere in particular, just in the blood I suppose.

Would you say there is an organised local music scene in Dublin or is it more like everyone is on their own?

There are a lot of different scenes but they are all very supportive of one another.

You used to come to Moscow to play at the annual festival Irish Week. What was your impression of Moscow? What did you like and dislike the most about the city?

We loved Moscow, would love to go back and explore the city properly. There wasn’t anything we disliked, it was just really cool to be there and hang out with the locals.

What surprised you the most?

The media presents Russia and Europe as two different places with a barrier between them, but Moscow to us felt like we were still in Europe. It was a very welcoming city.

Have you been to Moscow only or had a chance to see something else?

We only got a chance to go to Moscow unfortunately but would love to get back to see more of Russia.

How Moscow gig crowd differs to others if there is any difference at all?

Moscow crowds are f*cking crazy, we love them.

Would you like to come back to Russia as tourists?


What places in Dublin would you recommend to visit to tourists from Russia or anywhere else?

Ask the locals where is good to eat and drink, avoid Temple Bar!

Should we expect you to come with gigs to Russia soon?

Hopefully soon, we just need someone over to book us! Can you hook it up?

What should we expect next from Otherkin?

We’ve got a lot of new music coming your way, don’t worry.

Thank you for finding time to talk to Gig Islands!

Otherkin’s brand new single ‘Tombstone’ is out now.

Otherkin play Electrowerkz, London, on March 28th.

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