Palace “Holy Smoke”

Londoners Palace presented an atmospheric video for their sad and beautiful single “Holy Smoke”. Just as the song itself, the video – shot “in one day without any sleep from getting back from tour the night before”, according to the band’s Facebook, – is full of light and reflection.

The band’s frontman Leo Wyndham explains the origins of the song: “Someone once told me that when someone dies you have to open the window to let their soul escape. The Holy Smoke. This song is about being in that situation which I was, not that long ago. It’s about losing someone close to you, and experiencing something quite spiritual in the moments after death – when by their side.”

Reflecting on the difficult topic, both moving lyrics of “Holy Smoke” and its charming tune manage to dispel sorrow and bring comfort to a vulnerable situation of coping with death of a close person.

The video made by the band with the help from Jack Munsch and “a team of legends” features wonderful projection work by Augustin Cross and reveals real people behind cover art of “Lost in the Night” and “Chasing the Light” EPs.

“Holy Smoke” is the third single taken from Palace’s upcoming debut album “So Long Forever”. Singles “Break The Silence” and “Have Faith” have already revealed the band’s excellence in creating thrilling guitar music and putting topics which listeners may easily relate to into clever, meaningful lyrics.

Debut album “So Long Forever” is due on November 4th. Pre-order the album here.

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