Interview with The Academic

What a bright year for fresh Irish talents! We couldn’t resist and talked to The Academic ahead of releasing a debut EP on October 30th, supporting Circa Waves on their UK tour and the first headline show in London. Singer and guitarist Craig Fitzgerald told us about the upcoming EP, roots of the band’s sound, influences taken from the musicians’ hometown and what is next for The Academic.


Hi Craig! Thank you for talking to Gig Islands. Congratulations on a great release “Northern Boy”. What should we expect of your upcoming debut EP?

It is our first body of music and I guess it is a reflection of our collective personalities at different times over the last few years. It got a bit of everything, you will just have to see when it’s released!

Would you say that you are looking for some particular kind of sound when you are writing your music or it just comes the way it is naturally?

We’ve never set out to reinvent the wheel when we write music. There is a lot of music that has influenced [us] as a band and individually so over the last few years all those influences were thrown into a melting pot and we found a sound that worked for us as a band.

What is your hometown of Mullingar like? Would you say it is a musically influential place?

It’s a great town. It’s hard not to be influenced, music has always been an important part of the landscape there, we have being exposed to so many great musicans over the years and there’s a lot of f*cking pubs there so you would never be stuck for somewhere to play to hone your craft.

Do you agree that everyone who comes from a small town wants to escape it?

Nah we wouldn’t really look at it that we are escaping but then again if [we] weren’t on the road so much touring we might have a different answer.

What do you expect of the upcoming tour with Circa Waves?

Great f*cking band and we are really excited for this tour with them. Their music reminds me of all that brilliant indie music from the early 2000’s and that’s right up our street. We got to catch them at Boardmasters Festival over the summer and they put on a great show.

What are you the most excited about in near future?

Releasing our debut EP at the end of October 30th, it’s been a long wait!  And then heading back out on the road! Maybe even Russia!

Thank you for your time! Have a great time on tour and good luck with upcoming release!

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