Interview with Ravellas

Gig Islands talked to Ravellas – young and brilliant band from Wigan who conquered us with pretty much every aspect of their sound, honest lyrics and probably the best lyrics video we have ever seen. Dig them below.

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Gig Islands talked to Ravellas – young and brilliant band from Wigan who conquered us with pretty much every aspect of their sound, honest lyrics and probably the best lyrics video we have ever seen. Dig them below.


Hi guys! Thanks for talking to Gig Islands. Could you, please, introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hello Gig Islands readers! We are Ravellas; a 4 piece band from a small town called Wigan, which is just sandwiched between Manchester and Liverpool in the North-West of England. We originally began making music around 18 months ago, under the name ‘The Chandeliers’. We have since recorded a bunch of diverse tunes, we’ve been featured on BBC Merseyside radio and have even recorded a couple of music videos to accompany our most recent releases.

Let’s start with a question which probably bothers every Ravellas’ fan: how many takes did it take to film Momentos & Coke lyrics video?

A lot more than we’d like to admit! We initially had the concept, and knew exactly how to achieve what we wanted. It took us a total of 3 days to film (1 day was dedicated to hair and makeup) and edit the video. We are really happy, not only with the end result, but from the great feedback we’ve received since the video’s release.

There are uploads of your songs on Soundcloud and YouTube but where can someone purchase your music? Any physical releases in plans?

We’re currently leading up to releasing an EP, this will be available both on iTunes and Spotify. In the meantime we’re just trying to plug each of our releases and, hopefully, give each song as much of a chance to be heard as possible. We’re very much a singles band, every person we’ve spoke to has a different favorite song of ours – we’re always trying to give each song its own persona and style.

Your lyrics are quite straight forward and at times cynical. Who’s the main lyricist? Are those your personal stories or some plots inspired by watching the life around?

I write all the lyrics (Martin Cunliffe – Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar); I really don’t like wishy-washy lyrics that are really vague and don’t mean much to anyone. I personally think that it’s a lot better to sing when it’s about a subject that means something to you; as a result, most of my lyrics are very much self-obsessive. ‘Momentos & Coke’ is about the feeling I get the morning after the night before, where my state mind is ‘I’m hungover and I hate the world’‘Tender Curiosity’, however, focuses on all of the little white lies I’ve been known to tell girls in order to impress them.

Where do you record, mix and master your tracks?

All of our releases have been recorded through the very talented Michael Whalley at Brock & Broll HQ in Chorley. Brock & Broll is a class DIY set up that is currently being run by a group of our good mates, the venue is kind of a converted industrial unit that provides a recording facility, venue, screen printing & a couple of rehearsal spaces – it’s got a really good vibe and a proper community feel to it.

What places are featured in artworks of ‘Momentos & Coke’ and ‘Tender Curiosity’?

The ‘Mometos & Coke’ artwork is actually a really old picture of what is now the night club we’re pretty much seen religiously in on a Saturday night. It’s conveniently situated across the road from our practice room – we think it works quite well to sum us up.


The ‘Tender Curiosity’ artwork is a much simpler story. I really like fish and chips so we used a local fish and chip shop as the artwork. Simple.

Some gigs are coming up, aren’t they? What gigs should we be the most excited about?

We’ve recently released a poster across our social media pages, this image features every single one of our gig dates from now up until mid-September. They’re all absolute bangers!


We’ve recently been trying to branch out, escape our comfort zones, and to perform in a few support slots within venues we’ve not played before. We’re both excited and nervous at the same time. We’re not sure what to expect, but hopefully with a bit of luck we’ll get a few new Ravellas fans along the way!

Last question: if your band were an alcoholic cocktail, what ingredients would it include?

Sex on the beach. Fun to say and fun to drink.

Thanks for talking to Gig Islands. Good luck with everything that is coming up for you!

It’s been a pleasure, thanks for having us!

Find Ravellas online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | YouTube

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