Interview with Strange Cages

Gig Islands talked to the Brighton finest Strange Cages about a new single “Pony”, their native town and ‘life-altering journey’.   

Hi guys, thank you for talking to Gig Islands. Congratulations on a new fascinating single ‘Pony’. Could you tell us a bit about it? What inspired it and how long did it take from an idea to its official release?

We recorded it a few months back in a dingy, badly lit rehearsal room with our extraterrestrial producer the Wax Machine. I can’t remember exactly when it was written, but we’ve been playing it live for quite a while now. I like to think of it as a two-minute post-apocalyptic fairytale.

Do you think Brighton as a city influences your sound, lyrics themes or the way you create music?

I’ve caught Charlie singing about the Royal Pavilion a couple of times but we got him to cut it out. I wouldn’t go so far to say that Brighton shapes our sound, but it certainly has had an effect on our influences, given the strong garage/psych scene here.

How did your band started? When did it happen, how did you meet and what, do you think, brought you together as musicians?

Charlie and Elliott started writing songs together as pre-pubescent little boys at school, and have been ever since. They went through a succession of drummers before they enlisted myself during the great escape last year, and threatened to break my legs if I left. We were brought together by our shared love of Ty Segall and Hugo Rodallega.

Strange Cages

Imagine, you are asked to look after someone completely new to Brighton for a day. Where would you take this person as the must? What would you suggest to do in the city?

We would spike them with a hallucinogenic drug and take them for a life-altering journey around the sea life centre. Then for a stunning portion of cheesy chips at Albion Kebabs.

What music venue would you recommend to him or her to finish the day off in Brighton with a great gig? And do you have your favourite venue to play live in Brighton or anywhere else in the UK?

They’d be in safe hands at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. It’s home to our favourite night in the galaxy, Late Night Lingerie, and it’s scuzzy dark basement is perfect for gigs and drowning in whatever cheap beer they have on offer that night. Naming any other venues would feel blasphemous.

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