Interview: Otherkin

Gig Islands talked to Conor of fascinating Dublin band Otherkin about origins of the band, inspiration, their latest video for ‘Ay Ay’ and playing live.


Hi guys! Thank you for speaking to Gig Islands! Could you introduce yourself to our readers firstly?

Hello there, no problem at all! Conor here from OTHERKIN, we’re a band from Dublin who like making some noise.

When did you start Otherkin and where did the name come from?

I think we played our first show in early 2013. As for the name, it was picked from an article we saw in a local magazine. We didn’t realise how much of a tumblr phenomenon ‘Otherkin’ was, they’re notoriously bratty online but we’re yet to get any weird hate mail.

Recently you released a great video for Ay Ay. who came up with the concept?

Thank you! Mr. Finn Keenan came up with concept, he’s also Irish but is currently doing his thing in London. He’s done some great videos for Wombats, Raglans, The Strypes etc. but I honestly think he’s outdone himself with this one. Check him out on Vimeo.

What inspires your songwriting?

Every night before we go out for a session we just play loads of vibey Rock, Punk, Garage Rock and Indie on Youtube. I suppose we’re really fond of energetic and hooky guitar music and it’s just naturally influenced our writing. Someone in the band always has a cool new song idea to bring to the table too, so it’s always fun when you have four writers keeping things fresh.

Do you think Dublin is a big influence on your music and lyrics?

Yeah 100%, we’ve done literally everything to date from the one house in Dublin. We’ve done photoshoots, video shoots, all of our writing, some recording and held loads of parties all in this one place, it’s our hub and it keeps on giving.

Are there plans to release an album in near future? Is there a lot of material recorded?

We’ve always said we’d never do an album until it’s 12 songs that are perfect, each one has to be a 10/10. We always reference ‘Is This It’ by The Strokes as our benchmark, each song on that album is absolutely amazing.

What has been your favourite gig to play up to date?

It definitely has to be our last show at The Grand Social in Dublin, the atmosphere was insane and it was absolutely rammed. The people who follow our band in Dublin are a rowdy bunch, they always make it a fun time to play live.

What upcoming gigs are you the most excited about?

We’re looking forward to doing our first shows in London (keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter). We’re also really looking forward to our headline show on June 11th at The Tomas House. It’s a basement venue in Dublin that’s nice and gritty.

There are quite a few fresh names coming out of from Dublin. Would you say now is a good time for music in Dublin?

Definitely, the best thing is there’s bands in loads of different scenes including Red Enemy (Metal) and Mmoths (Electronic) who are writing brilliant music and making a name for themselves.

What should we expect next from Otherkin?

Festival Season!

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